Did you know that you need to start prepping now?

We know first-hand the devastating effects of QLD itch. My beautiful Iberian mare Luna has been diagnosed with severe itch.

Each season, she would self-mutilate, leaving no hair on her face, open wounds, no mane and tail… but the hardest part was to watch the constant discomfort she had to endure.

We tried everything from injections to all the lotions and potions on the market…. The risk of injections was too high for me and not a long term solution, the lotions and potions were always a reactive measure, some gave minimal relief….

As anyone who has endured the dreaded itch knows, once they are starting scratching- it is extremely difficult to contain.

There is no cure for QLD itch, every season is different….

What is the solution?…… Preparation and Management.

I made it my mission to find a solution that made the itch manageable.

After many years of trialling different things, I am so glad to say I have found a system that is working for our own horses, and we are really excited to be able to share and offer these amazing products that have worked so well for us.

I can proudly say that we are managing the beautiful Luna through the itch seasons….we have a full mane and tail and not a scratch mark in sight…..

But I must warn, you need to be committed…… you can’t be complacent in these winter months, you must start prepping and you must stick to your routine / treatment.

Qld Itch is triggered by an allergic reaction to the saliva of the biting midge. The horses’ immune system goes into overdrive attacking the saliva and in the process attacks its own skin cells by mistake. The subsequent cell damage produces the symptoms of Qld Itch…rubbing, scratching, biting, often causing hair loss and even open ulcerated sores.

Where do we start?

We need to build and support a healthy immune system…our product of choice is Rose-Hip Vital® Equine which is a plant-based anti- inflammatory and immune system support for your horse’s joint health and general wellbeing.

Next step…. You need to rug 24/7. Now there are rugs and there are RUGS….

This is where we are SUPER excited to announce we are stocking Snuggy Hoods (which we are completely obsessed with)

The Snuggy Hood Bug Body Rug offers full protection

Made of a clever fabric the Bug Body is robust yet lightweight and fully breathable so suitable for use even in hot climates. The fabric is water repellent, stops UV rays/coat bleaching as well as protecting from midges, other flying/biting insects, dust and dirt.

So not only do these amazing rugs offer your horse’ full protection, the fabric stops the dirt and dust, keeping your horses immaculate at all times. Something we all struggle with in this current drought.

All of our crew from weanlings to broodmares to competition horses are ‘Snuggied Up’.

Next Step….

We want to deter the midges…


This product is an adhesive patch that can be placed on your horse’ rug. It helps keep mosquitoes, sand-flies, midges and insects away. They are natural, non-toxic, DEET FREE formulation and effective for up to 12 hours.


The Repeller is a portable ultrasonic mosquito repellent that can be attached to your horse’ rug or left close by if stabled to help keep mosquitoes away. It has a range of up to 3 meters.

Now one of my very favourites- Calafea Oil…. I am actually calling this the MIRACLE OIL

Calafea Horse Itch fixing oil 500 ml is a pure oil, all natural remedy for any horse with stressed and dry skin which is suffering from Queensland itch (sweet itch), acute bites or stings.

Calafea stops the itching within minutes and can even be used on wounds. The unique blend of pure and essential oils have an antihistamine effect whilst moisturising the skin. The skin and coat regenerate very quickly. Calafea is also an insect repellent which simultaneously strengthens the natural skin barrier to ensure lasting well-being and relaxation in the paddock.

This oil is perfect for prevention, treatment and ongoing maintenance.

It works quickly and honestly nothing compares to it…. My cupboards are full for a reason.

Apologies for the long post…. But it was important for us to group all of these products together.

Combined, they have provided an ongoing solution for our horses.

We see the results and are excited that we can share the products with our amazing clients.

EXICTING NEWS- we are stocking ALL items listed above

Rose-Hip Vital from $199.00
Snuggy Hood Rugs $215
Patches- Pack of 10 $9.95
Repeller- $19.95

It is also important to stable your horses dusk and dawn…. we can also help you there