Automatic Horse Feeders by iFEED Technology

Multiple smaller meals are not only better for humans, it is also the way grazing animals were designed to eat. Feeding your horse many small meals each day can help eliminate undigested feed and many of the common digestive diseases found today such as colic, ulcers and stress.

Because the horse is fed multiple times each day by the iFEED feeder there is no stress before, during or after feedings; no unwanted behavior is displayed. The iFEED system promotes slow, natural and calm feedings, resulting in a stress free environment.

Health Benefits

  • Studies show frequent, small meals are healthier for horses.
  • Lowers risk of colic, choke, ulcers and stall vices
  • Increases absorption of nutrients

Cost Savings

  • Less labour needed to feed your horses
  • Less feed is required due to increased nutritional uptake
    Savings of 20-30% in feed cost due to improved digestion
  • Eliminate spilled and wasted feed
  • Frequent feedings are now possible without multiple trips to the barn
  • Your horse is fed accurately every day, every time
  • Reduce time spent mixing numerous supplements
  • We realize that you may not always be on time to feed your horse, but iFEED will