Calafea Oil




Calafea is a 100% natural product that horse owners love. It has proven to be an effective Itch treatment in 89% of cases in Germany during the 2015-16 seasons.

Calafea stops the itching within minutes and can even be used on wounds. The unique blend of pure and essential oils have an antihistamine effect whilst moisturising the skin. The skin and coat regenerate very quickly. Calafea is also an insect repellent which simultaneously strengthens the natural skin barrier to ensure lasting well-being and relaxation in the paddock.

How do I use Calafea as Queensland itch treatment?
For the first 3-4 days apply a small amount of Calafea once a day to the affected areas such as the mane, tail, muzzle and rump and massage gently into the skin. Your horse will show signs of relief after about 2 minutes. In the next few days, brush out any dirt, dead skin and residues as they appear. Continue applying 3 times a week, or as needed. From time to time gently wash the treated area with Shampoo to help with healing and coat recovery.