HAAS Tall Dark & Handsome Pack




  1. Curry Comb– STRIP
  2. Parcour– CLEAN
    For this brush we use a mixture of grey and black horsehair. The combination of these bristles creates a superlative cleaning effect.
  1. Lipizzaner– DUST REMOVAL
    An exclusive horsehair mixture is used for this brush. The border is edged with longer black horsehair. The shorter bristles for gentle cleaning and the longer for removing dust and giving gloss.
  1. Cavalier– BUFF
    Made of pure, robust mane and tail horse hair. The bristle border is longer for optimum cleaning results. The guarantee for a shiny coat.
  1. Felglanzbürste– SHINE
    Light, soft, thickly woven horsehair are the characteristics of this brush. It fulfills all the needs for grooming and finishes with a “pampering” effect. Very effective for sensitive horses.
  1. Exklusiv Diva– POLISH
    A Brush with Lambswool. The outer border of the brush is made from soft horsehair. For a perfect, glossy finish.

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Weight 2.5 kg