At StableComfort Australia, we understand how important it is for your barn and stables
to reflect your own personal style.

Our expert team can show you how a barn can be so much more than just a functional shelter for your horse. Providing a tailored service, where we can design your entire barn, ensuring a safe, functional environment is priority…..Making it beautiful is the easy part.

custom stables

When working with the professionals at StableComfort Australia, you can expect:

  • Pre-construction consultation.
  • Design and Planning consultation + on-going communications throughout the design and building process.
  • Recommendations from our experts on clearances and stable design to maximize safety and efficiency.
  • Optional integration with other services, eg water lines, lighting and electricity.
  • A wide variety of timber choices, from bamboo and exclusive hardwoods, to more traditional materials.
  • Multiple accessory options and finishes, including finials, brass, stainless steel and bronze.
  • Ventilation options for stable panels.
  • Expert solutions to common and often overlooked problems.
  • Custom accents to replicate other architectural details or even your logo can be incorporated into your stables.
  • Full onsite Project Management from design to final hand over.

StableComfort Australia is where function, safety and beauty combine, offering you a unique and personal solution.
If you want to build a truly personal barn, contact our team of experts today.